Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Cadence of all-hands at LinkedIn - every two weeks

Jeff Weiner recently gave a bit of insight into the cadence of all-hands he uses as CEO of LinkedIn - every two weeks.

Take a few cycles off for holidays and LinkedIn conducts 24 all-hands per year. Most companies consider quarterly all-hands the right cadence.  LinkedIn talks to their team six times as often.

Six times as many opportunities to discuss vision, mission, strategy, objectives, priorities, culture and values.

Most importantly, the entire team is involved in an ongoing conversation about the company. The team is taken along on the journey.

With quarterly all-hands this conversation doesn't really exist. The senior team understands that the changes and adjustments over time are often subtle. Those outside the executive bubble perceive a major pivot each quarter simply because they are not included in the conversation. Add to this the tendency to create drama and intensity in the quarterly all-hands and the perception of a pivot by the audience is even greater. This perception is distracting for your team, saps team member confidence in the leadership, and results in members of your team working at cross purposes.

Consider experimenting with shorter and simpler all-hands meetings at a significantly higher cadence.

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