Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Project Presence: The value of your (intro) and outro

Key takeaway: A strong standard outro (finish) for your videos reinforces your leadership intent/values while keeping you on message, providing an "out" after the core of that message has been delivered.

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Welcome leaders, Daren Lewis with Leading Visually. Like we talked about having a strong intro to your video that wraps your key single message for that video it is important to have a strong outro. This is something that goes beyond that message of the day to speak to your values or leadership intent if not both.

In my Coast Guard duties this has been relatively simple. My [outro] messages are two-fold. One is to say "Thank you for your service", which speaks to our values. The second is "Be safe out there and look to the safety of your shipmates", which speaks to our operational and other duty safety. This is a core portion of my leadership intent. I use this each time.

Beyond conveying that intent and conveying the values message around thankfulness for my member's service this also serves as a very important tool as I do the videos. It gives me an easy out, it is an exit. Often I find I'll have a strong core central message. That one message will be strong but I'll tend to get to the end of it, to the natural break point or the time to take the next step and I'll start to ramble. I'll think of other things, I'll lose the strength of that message because I'll pile on. If you have a strong outro that you've developed and that your are confident about using, using that outro at that stage gives you the out. The video is over. You've kept the video short, you've stayed on message, and you've wrapped it with the intro and the outro. You are done, you can go on to your other leadership tasks for the day.

Thank you. I'd love to hear about the challenges and successes of your Project Presence.

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