Monday, November 5, 2012

Project Presence: Simply Start

Key takeaway: Don't announce your leadership video project, simply start.

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Welcome leaders, Daren Lewis with Leading Visually. It can be very tempting, as you kick off your leadership videos series, to start with a video talking about why you are using video, how often you plan to do videos (or your cadence), and to promise certain topics or cover certain issues.

I strongly recommend you don't do this. Simply Start. Choose a topic or issue you'd like to cover, do a video, and put it out through your existing channels -- sending it as a link in an email, putting on your blog or posting it to your company intranet. You've got to give your project some room to breathe. You've got to establish the cadence by finding what works. You've got to pick the issues by finding what works -- and you have to prove if this has value for you and for your team by giving it a try.

If you commit yourself to a cadence or a set of topics you will find you are essentially just putting yourself in handcuffs. Rather than do that simply start.

Thank you. I'd love to hear about your challenges and success as you pursue your project presence.

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