Monday, November 12, 2012

Project Presence: The value of your intro (and outro)

Key takeaway: A strong standard intro helps set the stage for your message.

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My current intro & outro:


Welcome leaders, Daren Lewis with Leading Visually. One of the things I find really helps when doing these videos is to have a strong, and common, intro and outro -- the things I say at beginning of my video and the things I say at the end. While I focus on having a single message, having strong intro and outro, that are common to every one of my talks, helps frame the talk and frame that single message as well as get me started and give me a strong finish.

Let's talk a little about the intro. In the case of my Coast Guard videos this is relatively easy. I say "Hello Shipmates" or something that uses the term "shipmates". This is the term we use for each other. It is very strong and has great resonance in our organization. It harkens back to our core values so it is a great way to start every one of my videos.

Your organization may have a term you use for each other, or you may have to create one, or perhaps come up with another introduction.

In the case of these videos I've chosen, for the moment (and this can certainly change and evolve over time), "Welcome leaders". Again, it sets the stage for who I believe my audience is. It helps me get started strong. It helps launch into whatever that one message is with confidence, with energy and with enthusiasm. It reminds me of my audience each time and what my deeper objectives for that audience are.

Thank you. I'd be very interested to hear about your challenges and your successes as you launch your Project Presence.

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